Waste and recycling


In Finland we decided to focus on waste and how to reuse, reduce and dispose it in a more sustainable way. The gigantic piles of waste are one of the biggest threats for the ecosystems of our planet and cause many environmental problems we are facing today. Therefore, finding greener, more innovative ways to reduce and reuse waste is one of the key elements to build a more sustainable urban life style. Moreover, this is also something that each and every one of us can do easily in our everyday life – taking steps, bigger or smaller to build a better future for Planet Earth by thinking of our consumption.

We divided the extensive topic into several smaller ones. Each group of students focused on one waste element in their studies. We studied altogether seven different types of waste: plastic and oil, household waste including bio waste and glass, textiles and more specifically cotton, metal, furniture (wood), e-waste and hazardous waste. We found several examples of more sustainable waste disposal that are already in use everyday in Vantaa, Finland. Here’s all our findings in short videoclips – watch them and learn more about everyday examples of waste disposal in Vantaa.

To get started, here’s an introduction to the topic of waste.



Watch the trailer first and meet our Agents!

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Here’s a short clip about plastic:

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The Agent is looking for glass now…

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Learn more about biowaste and how to recycle glass:

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Source: Waste and recycling


The adventures of the Agent carry on, this time his eyes are set on wood.

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This clip gives you more information about the production of furniture and how to recycle and dispose it wisely.

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Did you know that nail polish is regarded as hazardous waste? Watch this clip and be ready for some more surprising pieces of information about hazardous waste!

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Used textiles create huge piles of waste although most of it could be reused and recycled in very clever ways.

The Agent is now looking for smart ways to use cotton.

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Last but not least, you will learn more about recycling and disposal of metal and e-waste. E-waste is a growing waste problem as there are more and more used computers and smartphones that need to be disposed. Recycling metal, on the other hand, is already quite advanced and a lot of used metal can be recycled.


Watch the clip to see if The Agent finds good ways to use metal and e-waste!

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Learn more how to get rid of your old computer, for example:

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And lastly, how to reuse and recycle metal:

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We hope you learnt more about waste and how important (and easy) it is to recycle, reuse and dispose it many smart and green ways.

The Agent-videos were made in co-operation with Koivukylä’s Recycling Center, located in Vantaa, Finland.

Source: Waste and recycling