Sotungin Lukio, FINLAND

Let’s get to know each other!

Hello, we are students from Finland. We are studying at Sotunki upper secondary school and we are so excited about this Erasmus-project.

Something about us…

We are 15-18- year old students who live in southern Finland in a city called Vantaa near our capital Helsinki. We have lots of international activities with other countries. Our school is kind of a sport school. We have sport program for athletes and general program for other students. In our school there is a possibility to have trainings with a coach in the morning so you can practice your own sport. We have free lunch in the cafeteria every day. About half of the students are boys and the other half are girls. We don’t have any specific dress code in our school. We also often study in groups which makes studying more fun.

Something about Finland…

In the winter we usually have snow and it’s very cold about 0°C to -25°C. Finland is located in northern Europe. Finland is known for ice hockey, Santa Claus, Sauna, northern lights, well being, health care and social security. Finland is also known as a land of a thousand lakes. 71.6% of Finland is covered with forest. We have 5,5 million inhabitants.

We are very excited about this international program!