Lycée Xavier Mallet, FRANCE

Let’s get to know each other!


We’re all around 14 and 16 years old and we are in year 11. We start class at 8 and we usually finish at 4:30 pm, or 5:30 pm on week days and we have class from 8 to 12 on Wednesday. Our high school, Xavier Mallet, is located in Le Teil, a small city in the south of France. Our school is pretty small: we’re about 700 students, which isn’t much compared to other schools, even though we are about 35 students per class!

Something about France…

In France there are many different landscapes like mountains, seas, forests, countryside and cities. There are 66 million inhabitants. 30% of France is covered with forest. The climate is temperate: the summer is hot 30°C; and the winter isn’t very cold 3°C. We live in Ardèche, in Rhone-Alpes which is south east France. Ardèche is a rather rural area, and one of the specialties is chestnut cream.