Kopernikus-Gymnasium Rheine, GERMANY

Let’s get to know each other!

Here you can find the link to our introduction video. The password has been sent to the teachers. You can ask them for this. See you all soon in France!

“Old team” meets “new team”


Guten Tag!

Our new Erasmus+ team is ready to start! The students who participated in Erasmus+ last year informed our new team about their work.
Our 5 new students are really excited about the coming year and can´t wait to meet the other students from the other nations. See you soon!

The German Team


Guten Tag!

We are the Germans. Our school is the Kopernikus-Gymnasium which is located in Rheine, a small city in western Germany.

We can’t wait to meet you!

First of all we will introduce ourselves…

We’re 15 students, aged 15 – 17. Our school has two emphases, science and language. Students have to choose between scientific and bilingual profiles. If you choose scientific classes, you have more physics, chemistry, maths and IT lessons. The bilingual profile consists of biology, history and geography in English.

Our school also takes part in many exchange programs all over the world, e.g. World School Forum, various school exchanges, gap years, etc.

Information about Germany

Basically, Germany has a mixed landscape. We have coastal areas (northern part) but also mountainous regions (southern part). Germany is made up of 16 federal states called “Bundesländer”. Rheine is located in North-Rhine Westphalia.

Around 80 million people live in the German state and about 76 thousand of them in Rheine.

We are very excited for this upcoming experience … 🙂