March 16th,2017

Today the students all stayed at school and another group presented their research on the Social Housing project in Via Cenni, Milan. This huge residential area named ‘Cenni di cambiamento’ which means a sign of change is the biggest sustainable residential project in Europe.

Only ecological material  was used to build the 124 flats rather close to the centre of Milan. It hosts young people who have moved away from home allowing them to pay an affordable rent or mortgage.

After the first break we had an expert, the architect Alessio Battistella who came to talk about sustainable architecture. He is the president of ARCò, an organization which specializes in architecture and cooperation.

Two of his past projects were to build sustainable buildings in developing countries such as in Palestine and Bolivia by using recycled materials and by teaching the local population simple techniques so that they can be more independent and environmentally friendly.

He told us about the three pillars of sustainability that should be balanced among the economy, social life  and the envirornment of any community. He showed us that one of the most important projects was the building of a school only by using recycled material like plastic bottle tops and old tyres.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the French partner’s stay. The whole morning will be dedicated to the presentations of all the groups according to their aspect of sustainable architecture. The French will present their work done together with the English and finally Veronique Lavis will prepare an entertaining Kahoot quiz on the topic.

We will certainly all be sad that the week is over. Ciao a tutti.


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