Busto Arsizio, 13th of March, 2017

When the French arrived we showed them our school and then they had a welcoming breakfast. They attended two lessons and then the topic was introduced. Lunch was in the canteen and then we started our walk through Busto Arsizio.

The first stop was the textiles museum, as this is a perfect example of redevelopment of an old cotton mill.Today there are fencing competitions and the fencing museum. Then we saw  nearby the two villas of Ottolini and Tovaglieri, both in the liberty style, which were  owned by the Ottolini family who also possessed the cotton mill.

Then we continued to walk to Palazzo Cicogna which today is the library of  Busto Arsizio and the Town Hall itself. Finally, the students got to Piazza San Giovanni which is the heart of the town. In front of each building and of other buildings which we were not able to see, such as Villa Nicora and the Molini Marzioli, the Italian students briefly gave a short presentation.





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