German students in Finland

Our journey to Finland started on Tuesday morning ( 28.02.17). We had a nice flight and arrived in Vantaa in the afternoon. Our Finish exchange students welcomed us lovely :). Then all of us went to our host families and spent the evening with them.

The next days we started our project work about recycling. We got a small introduction of the topic and were divided into groups. We did many interesting trips including a visit to Fazer (a Finish chocolate company) and  a recycling center.

In the afternoons and evenings we did some nice activities with our exchange partners. We went to a birthday party, spent some time at a shopping center and met at a bowling center. On Friday afternoon everyone was excited to go to a Finish sauna including swimming in an ice lake. It was an amazing experience for everyone! After going to the sauna we made a fireplace and grill sausages.

Then the weekend started by going to Helsinki the capital of Finland. In Helsinki we did a game called “amazing race” to get to know the sights of Helsinki. We also had time for shopping. In the evening some of us made a sleepover and some others played Laser tag for the first time. Everyone enjoyed the day!

On Sunday we all went to a typical finish hockey game. In the evening we all met and celebrated another birthday.

The next week started with project work. Everyone tried to finish and get ready for the presentation. In the evening we went to a Mexican restaurant at Helsinki. The food was very delicious and everyone enjoyed the last evening together.

Tomorrow we will present our presentations. We all had a great time in Finland and it will be hard to say goodbye.

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