Hostfamilies: British life

Our lovely host families

Our successful trip to England was even beyond our imagination. It was fun to know, what it feels like when you live in a British family. We got to know to the culture of English people and we think it was the best thing about the trip.

Host families and their homes

We all had yet different but lovely host families. From my experience the family was caring and wonderful. We even hope that we got lifetime lasting friends. Some of us even got invited to come back so they could host us again. They had even planned stuff for us to do and we had so much fun. For example shopping at the blue water, going out to eat, trampoline place or just something that we could do together at home. Their homes were very comfortable and nice. Some of us had cool houses, and some of us had very warm houses. Either way, the houses were comfy and we enjoyed our time there.

Jessika Tuominen and Jenniina Siikala

Sotunki high school


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