Mr Wolters` visit

Mr. Wolters works for the local climate alliances of the City of Rheine. First he talked about history of this alliance. Since 2008 they have had an office in Rheine, but Rheine has actually focused on climate change since 1995.  The alliance has got good networks at the county level and with other climate communities. Also they have received many awards and were able to be part in many development and research programs. Since 2008 they have received a total volume of 2.1 million euros of financial subsidies.After this Mr. Wolters told us the goals for 2050 when we will probably not have any fossil fuels anymore: a reduction for CO² by over 90%, a reduction of energy by over 50%. In order to achieve these goals, experts created two scenarios which can solve the problem with keeping an eye on all sectors (heat, electricity & mobility). The first scenario is named “Maximal Dezentral” where you store energy from the summer in big tanks in the ground which you use in the winter for warm water or other things.  In this scenario, you also have 65% solar panels and 35% photovoltaics and only 6950 cars left in Rheine which are just electronic cars. In the other scenario named “Moderat Dezentral” you have 100% photovoltaics and your store the electricity from the summer for pumping up heat out of the ground. Also there are only 16000 cars (electronic cars) left in Rheine. These two scenarios have each have one big disadvantage which is in case of the scenario “Maximal Dezentral” that it is very expensive and in case of “Moderat Dezentral” that it is purely electricity and our transmission lines and networks may not be able to cope with such an increase in electricity.After this he said what is possible these days and what is necessary for the future. One example is that we can reduce the energy consumption from 2600kWh/a to 1400kWh/a, which is -47%, by only replacing all electronic equipment with the most energy-efficient ones. Additionally we will have to reduce our consumption of heating in the future. A new residential area is planned in Rheine where the normal energy standards will even be improved. Finally, you can say when we do nothing we will have no pretty world left.

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