Creating a sustainable city

In our group we tried to find out how we could make our city more sustainable.

We searched for solutions and possibilities to protect the environment by ourselves and to support green energy.img-20170127-wa0006

We also wanted to know other people’s opinion about sustainable energy. Therefore, we interviewed several people like our teachers or students. They told us what they think about the importance of creating sustainable cities, their knowledge of projects and examples and what they do by themselves.

Everyone is convinced that creating sustainable cities is very important because there are limited resources, so we have to pay attention not to produce any waste. We also need solutions for a better way to live, especially in the big cities because there are many problems with waste disposal and energy (e.g. Berlin and Naples).

They gave us many different examples for projects, like car sharing, free bikes and cycle tracks, electronic cars, recycling, rebuilding old industries (e.g. Hamburg). In Milan there is for example the Porta Nuova area and the Vertical Forest which is a sustainable building.

There is also a big difference between people’s habits about sustainability at home. They use bikes and public transports instead of cars. Furthermore, they sort out rubbish and recycle it. Some of them buy regional products and the majority reduces the using of electricity and water.

To get a final result we also listened to some experts who explained possible solutions for sustainability in our town to us.

At the end we collected all our answers and created a presentation where we show you a short guideline and some ideas to make cities more sustainable.

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