Bürgerwindpark Rheine

Bürgerwindpark Rheine


On the 26.01.17 the German and Italian students were visited by Theresa Ungru, a manager of Bürgerwind Rheine/ Hörstel GmBH & Co Kg.

She told us about her idea to build windparks in the area of Rheine. She wants to give the inhabitants a say to decide where the wind turbines are located. The aim of this project is to make the people of Rheine independent on energy. The money that is earned will stay in the area and with the people.

The plan is to build 18 wind wheels until 2018 that will stand on fields in rural areas. The farmers can decide themselves and invest in the wind turbines. All in all this will cost 110 million €.

The project sounds very promosing, but it is a long way to reach the goal.

The complete project will last to at least 2050.

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