Availon visits Kopernikus

As you already know, saving our resources is very important for our generation and for all the next ones. Although technologies make our life easier, it also brings many negative effects with it for example environmental pollution. To work against that, you should use renewable energies. As our project is about renewable energies, Mr.Schütte from the company Availon visited us on Wednesday, the 25th January 2017.

The company Availon is responsible for wind energy. It´s an independent service provider and a flexible company.

The headquarter is in Rheine and there are some branches in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, USA, Poland and Portugal. They are always available. To do inspections and to check turbines Availon uses modern technologic like drones. In the future they want to grow up and become even bigger.

This interview helped us to understand that this type of energy is very important for our future because it´s a very cheap and clean way to get energy and make cities sustainable.fullsizerender

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