Saerbecker Energiewelten

On the 25.01.17 the german and italian students went to the “Saerbecker Energiewelten”.

At 8.10 we took the bus to Saerbeck and arrived there at 8.40.


First Mr. Köhler , a staff member,  introduced our visit by showing a presentation, including a video about biogas and compost.

After that we started forming small groups to work on several exercices and experiments about biogas and wind power. In these groups we had about two hours to work on these projects, inside the main house and outside in front of the wind wheels.

At about 11.30 we finished working in groups and met again to give some feedback to Mr. Köhler and another staff member.

A few minutes later, we went back to the bus to have a tour through the whole area of the park. We stopped at different places, and the two staff members explained us the function of the different kinds of renewable energies.  Additionally we had the opportunity to see a wind wheel from the inside.

At 12.30 we went back to school.

All in all we got a lot of information, learned a lot of new things about renewable energies and gained new knowledge on sustainability.

Goodbye/ Au revoir/ Tschüss/ Ciao/ Hyvästi




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