Sotunki’s Erasmus-trip to Rochester, England – British School from Finnish perspective

School in Britain from Finnish view

We spent two days in Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School in Rochester. It is a boy school, but they accept some girls to their upper secondary school. There are over 1200 students and students are 11-18 years old. There are six separated buildings. Buildings are separated by different subjects. There is a study hall in the school but no chilling places for students.

The school have quite strict rules. Students have to follow a dress code which includes a white blouse, a tie, a jersey, a skirt or trousers, black tights (for girls) and formal shoes. It’s not allowed to have nail polish or colour your hair in shock colours.  Students are not allowed to leave from school area during a school day except over 16 years old. If they want to leave they need to register out.

Normal school day begins at 8:20 and ends at 15:00. School day usually contains registration lesson and five normal lessons. First lesson is registration lesson and it starts at 8:20 and ends at 8:55 after that there is two normal lessons 9:00-10:00 and 10:00-11:00.  From 11:00 to 11:20 is break when everyone has their snack. From 11:20 to 13:20 they have two lessons. From 13:20 to 14:00 they have lunch. Last lesson is from 14:00 to 15:00. Lessons start and end to the sound of the bells.

The school has a paid lunch but students often have a packed lunch with them. Students can also buy some snacks from the school canteen with a finger print. The students´ packed lunches usually contained juice, sandwiches, crisps, water and fruits. Some of the students also ate a lot of junk during the day for example crisps, pizza and hotdogs.

Nestori Kaskela, Aki Määttä, Pinja Lindroos and Emilia Uponen

Sotunki High School, Vantaa, Finland

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