Erasmus-trip to England – working on the project S.A.V.E cities

Sustainable development project

We flew to London on December 7 to be a part of a project on sustainable development. During our time in Kent we learnt about sustainable transport. On one of the first days the English students presented presentations that they had made on the subjects. Their presentations included Boris bikes, trams, congestion charges and oyster cards which are ways that the English government have decided to increase the use of public transport.

We continued our research on the subject in London. We traveled to the heart of London to see how these methods worked in action. We walked around London and we filmed different ways of public transport. We used the tube and we saw the Boris bikes, buses and we traveled through the congestion charge area.

We traveled on the tube on most days and it is certainly a big part of London transport. Many people use the bus and tube but the road are still packed. We traveled by bus from London to Kent. The normal drive is 1 hour but it took us almost 4 hours because of the traffic. We learned a lot about the transport in England and we learned many new things since we don’t have things like congestion charges in Finland.


Heljä Jokela, Hanna Harvo and Nina Österlund,

Sotunki high school, Vantaa, Finland


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